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martedì 19 novembre 2013

Needing HELP

Ok, sono stata un po' assente ultimamente. Lo riconosco, ma ho una buona ragione: la scuola è massacrante!
Per di più sto compilando l'infinità di cose che devo spedire entro questo mese e sto letteralmente impazzendo! Come se non bastasse oggi sono andata a togliermi un dente del giudizio e ora sono gonfia come una mongolfiera ( l'unica cosa che mi consola è che potrò mangiare gelato a volontà)!
Dato che sono letteralmente demotivata dalla mia schifossissima presentazione, ho deciso di farvela vedere, in caso in cui voleste commentarla!

Ecco qui la lettera che ho scritto.

My name is Alessia, I'm 16 years old and I come from a town in the north of Italy. I live in a nice house in the center of my town with my mum, my dad and my older sister and my labrador retriver.
I attend the high school in my town and I run in an unusual kind of course: in fact I study most Latin and Ancient Greek. I used to play basketball in my free time when I was younger, but because my course is pretty tough I decide to go to the gym when I finish doing homework so I can go to the gym whenever I want. I also love horse riding and I practice it during spring and summer; I'm used to swim in summer; while I'm used to go skiing during winter. Something I really love is Literature and Poetry. I do love spend time reading classic novels, for example some of my favorite books are "Gone with the Wind", "David Copperfield" and some books written by Oriana Fallaci a famous  journalist from Italy; I even like books written by John Green like "Paper Towns" and "Looking for Alaska". My favorite collection of poems is "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, tough. I'm very interest in Literature and in fact I use to collect quotes from each book I read. I'm also really interested in fashion, even if many and many people think that Fashion is just a shallow and fake world. I don't think so: in my opinion Fashion identifies who we are, what we would obtain and it shows our inner self. Because of this passion, I would love to become a fashion journalist or a fashion stylist.
I'm also quite practiced in Photography, my mum and dad gave me a reflex as birthday present last year and I used to be the official photographer in a summer kindergarten which isorganized by my church every summer.
There's something not so strange if you're Italian: I'm a food lover! I love cooking for other people, I love especially baking cakes, muffins and cupcakes, even if I'm good at preparing any kind of pizza, pasta or other typical Italian dishes.
I am a little bit shy, but when I knew someone I am really friendly and outgoing. I'm stubborn too, and I don't know if I should consider it a quality or a defect, but thanked to my determination I will spend one of the most amazing experience of life with you.
I'm not as sociable as I would be: I need a bit of time to become more self confident and then I'm ready to be as sociable as I can.
 I'm thoughtful, in fact if there're thoughts on my mind I like to spend time alone to reflect, while I'm listening to my favorite band, Oasis.  I'm also involved in some activities after school with my church and my oratory: when school ends in summer we organize a kind of kindergarten with games, dances and little parties, in which kids can have fun. Last summer I spent one week of my school holiday helping the community, working in a mental-disabled center with my mates and animators. I don't know if you were able to figure it out, but I love spending my time being around people. I have a great relationship with my family. My sister is older than me by one year and half and she's my best friend. I love chatting or going shopping (even window shopping!) with her. We attend the same school, but different courses, so we see each other every day.
We're a united family. In winter time all together we ski Italian Alps, my dad and I are used to ride mountain bike on the hill behind our town during the summer, while I'm going to school I'm used to go to the gym with my mum and my sister, although. When I was younger I used to go horse riding with my aunt I share my love for horses with.
I decided to become an Exchange Student because I would love living in America in my future and I want to improve my English. My parents had the same experience when they were at the university and I was amazed by their story: in fact they're still keeping in touch with their host parents and they came to visit us lastAugust. I would have the same experience and have the opportunity to share such an important experience with someone I can actually consider like my American sweet parents. I 've always been amazed by USA since I was a child. I remember when my dad came back from NYC and gave me 1 dollar as a present and he said I could use that 1 dollar when I would go to America. In that moment I wished to come to USA soon. I also want to come to the USA because is the "meltin' pot" nation where many different cultures live together peacefully.
I decided to leave my family for six months because I would become independent and meet new people and cultures. I would like to merge with my host family and I would like to have a normal relationship with them like if we are a family since ever.
I think my host family will be very important because they will be the persons I spend most time with, and I would like to mix our different traditions.
I think if we are a real family I would act like I act at home. I would help doing housework because in my opinion it's very important to feeling like at home and at home I'm used to load the dishwasher, drying the clothes, tidy my room, etc. I think I will share my free time with my host dad and mum and sisters/brothers.  I really love spending time at home too: watching a movie, especially comedies or romantic ones, having jokes, telling old stories, reading a book or drinking a cup of tea, although I prefer coffee.
I would love to share and live this experience with amazing people . I think school will be very important when I'll be in USA, but family comes first.
I also would love to say thank to my future family because you chose me and you probably thought I'm special and unique. Thank you very much! I don't know if I'm special but I would like to become special for you! I hope to see you soon, I can't wait to be able to spend some time with you.
Thank you again for offering me this amazing opportunity.
Lots of love, Alessia.
Hope you enjoy it! ;-)

"Io sono nato così, sono un idealista cinico.
                                                       [cit. F. Scott Fitzgerald]

un besos,

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